Indie vs. Boho / Bohemian Look

Difference Between Indie and Boho / Bohemian Look Fashion trends are versatile, ever- changing and exciting. The great…

Difference Between Indie and Boho / Bohemian Look

Fashion trends are versatile, ever- changing and exciting. The great thing about fashion is that it allows a person to express their individuality and uniqueness in a statements all their won through clothes. Two if the most outstanding fashion trends to date is the Indie and Boho look. He two trends are very popular especially among girls. Sad to say, however, that these two fashion styles are often confused with one another and are often used synonymously, when in fact, they are two separate fashion trends with their own characteristics.

The Indie Look

Indie looks is inspired by the idea of individuality through handmade or pre- owned attire and accessories. The Indie fashion makes use of eclectic outfit which is both cozy and comfortable to wear. Indie style encourages the use of recycles clothes such as old shirts and floral dresses tucked away in closets which makes this style both economical and trendy.



Boho/Bohemian Look

The bohemian or boho look arrived at around the 19th century when artists immersed themselves with the gypsies, thus acquiring their sense of style that relies highly on one’s creativity and self- expression. Bohemian styles think outside the box, or rather, outside the confines of tradition. For one to pull of such a look, they need balance to come up with the appropriate Boho chic aura.

The Differences between Indie and Bohemian Styles

Though both wish to express independence form societal norms, there are subtle differences between the two trends which are as follows;

  1. Indie Fashion is all about comfort, whereas Bohemian trends highlight the use of unique accessories which may in fact be uncomfortable for the wearer.
  2. Indie style encourages the reuse and recycling of old clothes like shirts, flannel, and floral dresses, Bohemian fashion offers plenty of layers and ruffles that look fashionable messy and chic.
  3. Indie fashion is open to the use of rubber shoes, Boho styles take on more feminine shoe wear like gladiator boots and sandals.
  4. Accessories for Indie fashionistas will include almost anything, from messenger bags, homemade bracelets and necklaces, and headphones. Bohemian accessories include scarves, large shades, and equally big belts.


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