Induction vs. Orientation

Difference Between Induction and Orientation A new employee, on joining a company has to go through an induction…

Difference Between Induction and Orientation

A new employee, on joining a company has to go through an induction or induction programmes or both This really befuddles people in the HR department as some believe that the term is induction while others call it as orientation. Are these two words are synonyms or there is a difference between the two concepts? This article tries to explain the two different but interrelated concepts that are part of any instigation program that is designed to give employees a sense of relaxed and learn the rules and regulations of a company in an easy manner.

Each company or organization should have an orientation and induction program for a new employee to learn the rules and regulations of the company quickly. The program also makes it aware of the organizational structure of the company, the people he must interact and with report issues to and also the real training that the person must undergo to perform the roles and duties assigned to him. The induction has a shorter duration while the orientation may take a week. The 1st to come is the induction which is then followed by the orientation. Induction is more informal than orientation. The induction means to introduce the new employee to all other employees to make him feel relaxed. It gives a preview of the company and is in the form of a presentation than in the form of training which is what the orientation is. The induction gives an idea of ​​the type of organization a candidate will work with and generally make feel more comfortable with the places and people inside the organization.

The orientation is a more formal program following the induction and usually consists of familiarizing the employee with work environment, machinery and equipment and jobs and tasks that the new employees are expected to perform. Any mistake committed by a new employee is treated as a part and parcel of the process of his learning. The errors progressively reduce in the frequency and extent and when the orientation comes to an end, the program makes the employee ready to face the challenges of his job.





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