Industrial vs. Commercial

Difference Between Industrial and Commercial Most people come across the words Industrial and Commercial and use the words…

Difference Between Industrial and Commercial

Most people come across the words Industrial and Commercial and use the words interchangeably, with the idea that the two words mean the same thing. Some, though, have this idea that “Industrial” comes with factories, office buildings, workers and the like; whereas the word “Commercial” entails building complexes with merchants, cafes, and a more affluent lifestyle compared to Industrial areas. To the vast majority of individuals who hold the belief that these two areas of land are the same, this is to inform them that they are not. In fact, they are as different as how they are spelled, though both may have something to do with commerce and trading. Here are some of their differences.

  1. Use– Industrial areas are usually full of factories, but their main concern is the production of goods. Commercial areas, on the other hand, have land value that is comparably higher than that of an industrial lot. Commercial areas are found in the heart of the metropolis and this is where goods and services are traded.
  2. Land Value– Industrial areas can usually be found in the outskirts of cities, thus, their land value is lower compared to that of commercial areas. Commercial areas enjoy higher land appraisal because of its potential to attract large numbers of costumers and its location within the metropolis. Industrial areas may also enjoy a higher land value if the land is located to a well -established transport system, like a road, railway, sea ports or airports.
  3. Appearance– Commercial land is usually more developed than industrial areas, thus, is more pleasant to look at to attract the influx of buyers or goods and services. Industrial areas, on the other hand, needs less beautification as its purpose is simply for the production of goods.
  4. Location Industrial areas can be located outside town, Commercial land is found in the heart of the city.


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