Infiltration vs. Percolation

Difference Between Infiltration and Percolation Infiltration and percolation are two different processes related to different types of liquids…

Difference Between Infiltration and Percolation

Infiltration and percolation are two different processes related to different types of liquids and their properties. This article discusses both of these processes in some detail to help you understand what is the difference between infiltration and percolation.

Percolation is a process that is used in everyday life in order to filter the flow of liquid into the different types of material that have a porous surface. The percolation process is used in different parts of life and the process is an important liquid extraction and filtration process which is applied in various physical, biological and chemical processes. In recent times, the percolation process was used to bring revolutionary changes in the types of technologies that are used in different range of topics like geography and material sciences and lots more.

Water enters the land surface by the soil which happens due to the process of infiltration. In general terms, infiltration means a process in which water is absorbed by the soil of any area during a rainfall. Infiltration is a process that is also used to measure the speed with which water enters the ground in case of rain or when water is supplied to the earth by artificial means. The infiltration speed is measured in the amount of water absorbed per hour. This amount is in inches or millimeters. The rate of water being absorbed is measured by an instrument called “Infiltrometer”.

Percolation is a process that is involved in the different treatment of liquids. Infiltration is also a process which comes to play during movement of fluids in the earth. Percolation is a term used to refer to the movement of fluid in different areas of life like the physical processes. It is also used in different areas of biological sciences. Filtration is also a process of alcoholic fermentation is used for drinking purposes. Infiltration is a process that is involved in processes related to water under the ground. The other method is percolation which is attached to the process attached to the liquid on the surface of another material other than earth. Infiltration refers to the water flow in the surface of earth. The flow of fluid in ​​land surface is involved in different types of topics of geographical studies. These involve losses due to the flow stream, the measurements of surface area and estimated rates of evaporation. On the other hand, percolation is a process of movement of fluids, especially water, through sediments that may be saturated or not in areas that are lower. Both terms refer to almost the same process, yet there are differences between two processes such as the nature of both the two processes and different aspects where both processes are used.


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