Infosys vs. TCS

Difference Between Infosys and TCS India, though rich in history, culture, and tradition, is now rapidly developing in…

Difference Between Infosys and TCS

India, though rich in history, culture, and tradition, is now rapidly developing in terms of Technology and Ecommerce. To address the need for Information technology and its services, Infosys and TCS were created. These are the two giants in the IT industry of India which were powered by the country’s skilled manpower and the exponential development of Information technology Services.

Both IT and BPO service providers; these two giants still have their differences. TCS is older compared to Infosys, having started in the 1960s, and is a part of the TATA Conglomerate. Infosys, though it in 1981, is relatively new to the market. They are both highly innovative and remarkable in their growth and accomplishments. To further highlight their variances, here is a breakdown of their characteristics:


This Information Technology Services provider started in 1968 and houses its headquarters in Mumbai. As of press time, TCS is the biggest IT and BPO services provider in the country and is part of the TATA Sons Limited who also has taken an interest in other endeavours like healthcare, steel, chemicals, telecommunications, energy, minerals, and automobiles. Today, TCS has offices in more than 40 countries powered by more than 180, 000 personnel with profits running to an impressive $1.22bn.


Infosys has started late compared to TCS, however, it has been making major steps into popularity and growth as a stiff competitor of TCS. Infosys have their headquarters in India’s “Silicone valley” which is Bangalore, Karnataka. To date, this ITS provider boasts of 33 business centers in 33 countries and it still actively hiring more people as it is still expanding. Infosys also boasts of being considered as one of the best employers in India with profits standing at $1.26bn.

Aside from the stated differences, the two giants also sports differences in terms of hiring policies, manpower, and work which are as follows:

  1. TCS and Infosys are both actively hiring fresh graduates from esteemed engineering academes, however, Infosys is hiring more aggressively than TCS because of the former’s rapid expansion.
  2. TCS is more concerned with BPO, Infosys is renowned for its effective consultancy services.
  3. Infosys is more aggressive in acquiring international deals with foreign clients, whereas TCS has more local work particularly with the government such as provision of software to healthcare industries and banks.
  4. Both IT giants boast of their own unique product or service: TCS has TCS Quartz while Infosys has Infy Finacle.
  5. TCS boasts of cheaper services than TCS, on the other hand, TCS declares to offer better services.
  6. There is more work pressure in Infosys employees, whereas TCS workers are able to work at their own pace.
  7. Infosys has better promotion process, TCS does not.

In terms or Infrastructure and work culture, Infosys takes the lead while TCS lags behind.


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