Ing vs. ED

Difference Between Ing and ED Ing and Ed are the two different suffixes that are used in English…

Difference Between Ing and ED

Ing and Ed are the two different suffixes that are used in English with different reasons. Ing called the gerund when the ed is the forming element or termination indicating past tense or the imperfect tense.

Many differences exist between the gerund that aim at indicating this continuous-time or continuous time past and time incomplete. It is important to know that ING is used to indicate or express an action that occurs when talking in sentences like

1. I am running.

2. Tony is speaking to his friend.

In both sentences The element ‘ing’ , in case of both the examples, point out  a continuous action that take place when any person speaks or says. Now it is used in this continuous tense.

Sometimes, Ing is also used in the future tense too, as in following examples

1. She will be explaining the issue at the meeting

2. She is going to be named as the secretary.

In both the examples given above, the element ing indicates a future action that will occur later.

The forming element or termination verbal ‘ed’ is used to express the past or an action that has already occurred as in the examples

1. He looked at her with sympathy.

2. She danced gracefullly in the cultural program.

In both the example given above, the verbal termination ‘ed’ indicates a past action performed some time ago.

Sometimes the gerund ‘ing’ is used in the past continuous tense as in the sentences.

1. He was eating the food when I went to his house.

2. She was running into the yard in the morning.

In both the sentences above, the gerund ‘ing’ is indicative of an action that has taken place at the time when the person who had spoken was present in the same place or in a different place.




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