Insects vs. Spiders

Difference Between Insects and Spiders Animal kingdom maximum number of species belongs to the Phylum: Arthropods, where so…

Difference Between Insects and Spiders

Animal kingdom maximum number of species belongs to the Phylum: Arthropods, where so many insects such as spiders belong. Insects and spiders are significantly different with many features. The body shapes (eg. The legs, the eyes, the distribution of body parts etc.) and in a more interesting way, the number of existing species differs considerably between insects and spiders. Insects live in almost all habitats and spiders are a bit selective in choosing a home for living. Off course the spiders are mostly enemies of insect species.


As a result of being the member of the class Insecta, they possess 3 tagma or the segmented body parts viz. the head, the thorax and the abdomen. There are three pairs of legs emerging from the thorax which help in movement. The head has two compounds and two oaux antenna for sensory functions. In the abdomen, the anus opens towards the oviduct and rectum to the outside. Insects can survive in almost all ecosystems because of their extreme adaptability and presently there are more than one million described species. It is expected that there are 6 – 10 million existing species of insects on Earth. This extreme high number of insect species in the world raises their importance. Some very common insects are butterflies, insects of paddy, crickets, grasshoppers, ants, bees, beetles,leaf insects, mosquitoes … etc.


Spiders are interesting creatures in the animal kingdom with about 40,000 species recorded till date. The spider’s body is segmented into two tagma; cephalothorax (head and thorax fuses) and abdomen. The abdomen is mostly the breeding unit, as in other insects and arthropods. The cephalothorax bears four pairs of legs for locomotion and web sneaking. Spiders have four pairs of compounds oaux and have no antenna. Their view is more sophisticated and is very useful for capturing prey items who get confused in their webs. Females wrap the egg in silk cases until Spiderlings come out from them. At a time, a female spider can lay hundreds of eggs in the silk woven egg case.


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