Inspiron vs. Studio laptops

Difference Between Inspiron and Studio laptops Inspiron and Studio laptops are made by the Dell Company which is…

Difference Between Inspiron and Studio laptops

Inspiron and Studio laptops are made by the Dell Company which is located in the U.S. and specializes in computers and information technology. One of the Fortune 500 companies, the Dell is a name which is highly respected in the budget class computers and laptops. Inspiron is the series of entry level laptop by Dell whereas the Studio series is designed so that the users can be provided with a very rich and high quality multimedia experienced with the help of different featured of the hardware. Although there is not much of a difference to the price line, there are some differences in hardware and software which will be described in this article.

The Dell has deliberately aimed at remaining at the top both in terms of having high-end customers as well as in the entry level market. The specifications and design of the Inspiron laptops that have all standard features reflect the above stated fact. We notice the difference when it is compared with the other basic models which are sleek and have enhanced features. The studio is also more colorful and vibrant than the Inspiron series. The most basic cell in the series Inspiron has a Celeron CPU, while the most basic laptop in the studio has a series of Pentium D CPU. Inspiron starts with the hard drive of 160 gigabytes, while the Studio begins with 250 gigabytes. The RAM in the most basic models of Inspiron is 2 gigabytes, while it is 3 gigabytes in the beginning of the line Studio model laptops. While each laptop of the series of Studio has a webcam, the same is absent in many basic models of the Inspiron series

The inspiron range Begins with a 10-inch Inspiron Mini netbook while the Studio begins with a 14-inch laptop with the weight of 14 ounces. While the touch screen ability is not present in the Inspiron laptops, some of the new laptops in the series of Studio are touch screen enabled. While the speed of CPUs both in the Inspiron and the Studio is quite high, the difference lies in the CPU cache, which is in a millibar in Inspiron, while it is 3 millibars in the Studio, thus making obtaining of information a much faster and efficient process.

There is not much difference in the material which is obvious. However, the Studio line of laptops benefit from new Montevina chipset, which is more than ready for the future applications then the Santa Rosa chipset Inspiron. The look of portable studio laptops and the additional sense which it providescan make you cough $ 100-200 extra. Studio screen has a higher resolution screen than Inspiron and projects sharp images.


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