Interior Design vs. Interior Decorating

Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decorating People have a tendency to beautify their surrounding or style it…

Difference Between Interior Design and Interior Decorating

People have a tendency to beautify their surrounding or style it in such a way that reflect their personality and character, and in the art of decorating one’s home, one can acquire the services of either an Interior Designer or an Interior Decorator.

Interior design and Interior decorating are used almost synonymously because the two are often associated with changing the set- up and decorations of a house to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. These two words may share this common characteristic, but the tow words are different in terms of formal education, certification, and the like. To assist the design novice and aid them on whether to acquire the services of one or the other, here are a breakdown of their differences:

  1. Interior designers require professional skills and training, meaning, a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design is needed for one to be called an Interior Designer. This bachelor’s degree will take 4 years of study and will also require the graduate to successfully pass the qualifying exam conducted by the National Council for Interior Design Qualification (NCIDQ) which has been approved by the US and Canada. An Interior Decorator, on the other hand, does not need to pass the guideline necessary for Interior designers. Interior decorating usually requires some form of formal education, however, this is not a requirement.
  2. Interior Design is concerned with creating a functional and quality interior environment, on the other hand, Interior decorators are usually confined to making interiors aesthetically attractive.
  3. Interior Designers need to be well versed with construction practices in order to create a functional and quality environment, Interior decorators, on the other hand, need npt involve themselves with construction and are more absorbed with simply making an area of the house appealing and attractive.
  4. Interior Designers are usually independent; they charge fees for every consultation and have licensing requirements. Interior decorators are usually hired by companies and since there is no formal education, there is no licensing requirement.


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