iPad 2 vs. Commtiva N700

Difference Between iPad 2 and Commtiva N700 The market is currently teeming with all the technology one can…

Difference Between iPad 2 and Commtiva N700

The market is currently teeming with all the technology one can only imagine 10 years ago, and there is no better time to be computer and technology savvy than being one today with all the gadgets and incredible machines the market can offer! So far, the most poplular of all gadgets in the market in the field of telecommunications and internet is the iPad 2 and Commtiva N 700. These are the two smart tablets strongly competing for dominance in commerce and trade. It is a fact that Apple’s IPod has been holding the crown for the most popular PC tablet in the world which has been further boosted with the unveiling of IPad 2 which is a far better product than its predecessor in terms of specifications and speed, however, Commtiva N700 is rapidly catching up with IPad and is currently rubbing shoulders with IPad with their equally impressive and innovative features.

To assist an interested PC tablet buyer in choosing the best type of gadget for your lifestyle and personal preference, here is a breakdown of their specs and differences:

iPad 2

Apple is known for its grand unveiling and fresh, innovative and creative products. They have developed creating an aura around their products so much that the public eagerly awaits the launch of its products and lap them up like crazy. The craze over Apple IPad cam ti an even higher pitch with the launching of Apple’s IPad2 which boasts of being a faster, slimmer, and lighter gadget than the original IPad.

The following are the IPad2 specs:

  1. 1GHz dual core A 5 processor
  2. The above processor is also nearly10 times faster in processing graphics than A 4; thus, ebook readings are more comfortable and pleasurable.
  3. Screen Display is about the same size as that of an IPad and stands at 9.7”
  4. Equipped with LED backlit IPS technology
  5. Resolution is at 1024X768 pixels at 132ppi.
  6. Sports a dual camera tablet that does not only capture high definition videos with a 5X zoom but also a front VGA camera for video chatting.
  7. Boasts of features like gyroscope, accelerometer, and ambient light sensor
  8. Is ableto connect with simple Wi-Fi as well as both Wi-Fi and 3G -connectivity.
  9. Available in several versions with varying storage sizes like 16 GB, 32 GB, and 64 GB capacities.

10.  It provides the user with HDMI connectivity that permits the users to see videos captured through their iPad on TV.

11.  Finally, Apple’s IPad 2 is equipped with the legendary iOS 4.3.

Commtiva N 700

For people who cannot afford Apple’s more exorbitant price tags but still wish to enjoy almost the same set of features Apple offers in their IPad, Commtiva N 700 might just be thing for you! Here is a list of specs one may expect in this gadget:

  1. Screen size is 7”, also equipped with a capacitive touchscreen
  2. Boasts of a resolution of 800X480 pixels that is bright enough for a clear display.
  3. The tablet is equipped with dual cameras, the rear one being 3MP.
  4. An operating system called Android 2.2 Froyo, this allows the user to download thousands of apps from the android market or watch flash videos on the web.
  5. Commtiva’s processor stands at 600 MHz, slower than Apple’s Ipad, but is solidly built.
  6. It allows the use of a micro SD card to boost the gadget’s internal memory.


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