IPhone 5 Vs. IPhone 4

Differences Between IPhone 5 And IPhone 4 Speculation about how the iPhone 5 has been looming large in…

Differences Between IPhone 5 And IPhone 4

Speculation about how the iPhone 5 has been looming large in recent times. Some things are worth knowing about the new design:

Amongst other things, “home” button on the upcoming iPhone 5 is to get a little more oval, instead of the round button that we’ve seen in iphone 4. This design of “home” button may also mean that Apple is trying to change the functionality of this button, perhaps to make it easier and faster to switch between different functions.

The current size of the screen seems to be the same, so not many changes are made in the screen. However many believe that the models of the iPhone 5 will have a much bigger screen.

The size of the iPhone 5 seems to be slightly shorter than the iPhone 4, but slightly wider, and even thinner in its entirety.

The back of the new iPhone 5 will have tapered edges, iPod style, and the rumor is still that glass strip as present on the back of the iPhone 4 will be skipped; instead there will be an aluminum design there. iPhone 5 will be launched in September or October this year, so we will see if this speculation is true or not.

Recent rumors about the iPhone 5

Lately, it has been rumored around a series of new things regarding Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. Here’s a list of the most interesting of all the new rumors circulated, especially on the web:

SIM cards

A rumor claims that unlike iphone 4, the next iPhone5 would not have a SIM card in it. This would save space on your phone, but would on the other hand, could cause the security to some extent suffer. However, this depends on what they would replace the SIM card with.

A new camera

Many also believe that the camera functions on the iPhone 5 will be different. This seems well quite likely, but exactly how the camera functions will be different from iphone 4 is still unclear. One of the most credible sources has said that there will be a special panoramic camera with both Sony and Omnivision involved in any way. This indicates well that two very different cameras are planned in each case.

Many rumors have emerged saying that at least one of the new cameras will be holding an eight megapixel camera, which would be a big improvement from iPhone 4’s five-megapixel camera in this case.

Upgrading apps

Many apps available for the iPhone 4 today are already upgraded, and many others are expected to be upgraded in conjunction with the iPhone 5 release. This will include GPS functionality to be more specific and some development also seems to happen when it comes to music. Of these apps, it is still difficult to know for sure what changes the phone will bring, but a big focus seems to be on GPS and maps in each case.

Other Features

Apple is also said to have worked hard to increase the number of functions to send messages and share photos and videos, so it seems very likely that we will see some new thinking in this regard.

Apple is going to introduce 15 million units in the first phase, so this is probably the number you expect to go in shortly after launch.


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