Iphone vs. Samsung Galaxy

Difference Between Iphone and Samsung Galaxy iPhone and Samsung Galaxy of two of the most popular and liked…

Difference Between Iphone and Samsung Galaxy

iPhone and Samsung Galaxy of two of the most popular and liked Smartphone on the stage . While, iPhone is in his fourth edition and evolves at all times improving and quicker, Galaxy is probably the best Android OS has had to offer till date. For a long time people thought that iPhone competition is miles ahead and there is no catch up at the moment, but Galaxy appeared as a powerful threat in the dominance of iPhone. Let’s see how both gadgets fare against each other.

Although it is not equitable to compare two devices running on different operating systems, they cannot keep of a comparison between these two different breeds as although people want a telephone is which has the best characteristics and is easy to use and they are rather duly concerned with the operating system, do they? Well, iPhone runs on the latest Operating System that has been exclusively made for iPhone by Apple viz. iOS4. But the Galaxy of Samsung runs on the last version of Android, a mobile OS developed by Google.

Galaxy S II is the latest phone in the series of Galaxy. The biggest is perhaps better the mantra of Samsung as he brags a screen which is much bigger (4.3 inches) than iPhone4 (3.5 inches). In fact, this difference is enough to attract a lot who want one bigger screen to look at videos on their telephone. In spite of most big screen, the resolution of iPhone is always higher (640×960 pixels) in comparison with Galaxy (480×800 pixels). Before Galaxy arrives on the stage, iPhone been Smartphone the finest around, but galaxy S II usurped the title of Smartphone the finest of the Apple being 8.5 millimeters, while iPhone is 9.3 millimeters thick. Galaxy is as more light (approx.116g) as compared to the iPhone (137g).

As said before, Galaxy S2 aims on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread, while iPhone4 run on iOS4. Galaxy brags fastest 1.2 GHz dual core processor, whilst iPhone4 has core 1 GHz   processer. If we consider the RAM, in that too, galaxy S II is much more advanced as it facilitates 1 gigabyte of RAM in comparison with the 512 MB RAM that is in iPhone4. iPhone is available in the models of 16 Gigabytes and models of 32 gigabytes without disposition to use cards SD cards, while internal memory can be easily developed by cards SD cards in Galaxy.

Although both Galaxy S 2 and iPhone 4 are dual devices, Galaxy has an 8MP camera at rear while iPhone4 has 5 camera of deputy in the back. While the camera in Galaxy can record HD videos in 1080p, the same in iPhone  has the ability of recording HD videos in just 720p. Even the secondary camera in Galaxy is better (2 MP) that VGA one in iPhone.

While both smartphones is Wi-Fi, Galaxy has additional characteristics as for example  DLNA, Bluetooth v3.0, HDMI and the FM radio. Galaxy has full HTML browser with total Adobe flash 10.1 supports while iPhone4 has Safari browser with little flash support. The battery in Galaxy is more powerful (1650mAh) than it in iPhone (1420mAh). The users can take away and replace the battery in their Galaxy while it is not possible in iPhone4.

So, much Smartphone are similarly priced, that where iPhone is accessible only on the network of AT&T and Verizon in the United States., Galaxy am available on the network of at least 5 service providers.






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