Iphone vs. Smartphone

Difference Between Iphone and Smartphone iPhone was launched in April 2007. Apart from being an innovative concept, its…

Difference Between Iphone and Smartphone

iPhone was launched in April 2007. Apart from being an innovative concept, its features were 5 years ahead of time.  No doubt people were involved to this spectacular device that caught the imagination of the people, and was called Smartphone. Initially, the competition was iPhone versus other phones. This hegemony sustained as mobile companies could not give a suitable answer to Apple’s iOS. For a long time, as a result, the world thought of Smartphone as an iPhone only.

iPhone had computing facilities, and one could stay linked with friends, also watch movies and listen to music from the net. People loved the iPhone and were proud owners of the same. It was a status symbol for executives and a parameter for mobile manufacturers to catch one day. The release of Android, Google’s OS specially developed for mobiles provided other companies with a platform to struggle with Apple’s iPhone. Soon, many Smartphone’s arrived on to the scene, and had features that were better than iPhone. However, we remember the first one to land on the moon. This is why the trend of calling a phone as a Smartphone started with iPhone. The image that strikes in mind when one hears or sees the word Smartphone is that of an iPhone.

Who can forget the tradition of a 3.5 mm audio jack at the top of the phone that was initiated by iPhone and copied by almost all other phones? Even now, it is not a Smartphone if the 3.5mm audio jack is not there at its top. Features that are a part of the smartphone accessory are an accelerometer, immediacy sensor and gyroscope. All these were present in all iPhones, and the industry accepted them as normal features in a Smartphone.

Though, there are features that were defied by other mobile manufacturers such as detachable and replaceable batteries, micro SD cards to expand internal memory, and stereo FM badly needed by users, and Apple doesn’t pay heed to advice from others. Full flash support is another of the grouse of phone users around the world. Though iPhones are integrated with Google Maps, they cannot contrast with other Smartphone’s laced with Android OS as a full GPS device.

With other Smartphone’s, you have the autonomy to prefer the carrier as a single phone is accessible on many networks. On the other hand, iPhones are conventionally presented on AT&T network only. If one looks back and analyses the fruition of Smartphone’s post iPhone era, it seems that although the word Smartphone was kept for iPhones originally, the accessibility of Android OS and addition of features that were similar to those of iPhone gave people numerous choices in terms of Smartphones.


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