IQ vs. Intelligence

Difference between IQ and Intelligence When we say that a person is very intelligent, we just praise his intelligence, but…

Difference between IQ and Intelligence

When we say that a person is very intelligent, we just praise his intelligence, but if somebody asks us exactly how much intelligence does the person has in his grey cells, we just stare at him without any answer. This is due to the fact that, for a common person, intelligence and intelligence quotient are one and the same thing. But in reality, there is a hell and heaven difference between intelligence and intelligence quotient. To begin with, Intelligence is a broad term whereas IQ or Intelligence Quotient is a very Specific term. Intelligence is an adjective that describes how bright a person is. It does not have any numerical value. On the other hand, Intelligence Quotient is a numerical term or rather, a ratio depicting the value of a human mind. If we conduct several tests in order to determine the Intelligence of any individual, Intelligence Quotient is the numerical value depicting the performance of an individual in these intelligence tests.

This means that determination of Intelligence does not involve solving a numerical formula. On the other hand, determination of Intelligence Quotient involves a mathematical Equation, which was introduced by a German resident William Stem. This formula is IQ = MA/CAx100, where MC represents Metal Age and CA represents Chronological Age. In order to determine the IQ of an individual, Wechsler adult intelligence scale and Gaussian bell curve are the two tests that are taken.

If we consider the tests taken to determine the intelligence of an individual, then the tests taken to determine it include numerical, language, reasoning, musical etc.

So, in short, we can say that IQ and intelligence are definitely connected to each other because the IQ tests are conducted to definitely determine the Intelligence of a person.

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