Iron Man VS Incredible Hulk Battle of the SuperHeroes

Everyone adores action heroes and incorporate them in our everyday lives. They come with a static theme of…

Everyone adores action heroes and incorporate them in our everyday lives. They come with a static theme of fighting evil and protecting the good people of earth using their super human abilities. However fictional they are, people sometimes envy their superhuman abilities. The Iron Man and Incredible Hulk could both be viewed as critical personas; fortunately, there is always a drive to do what is right for the good of all. Although the Iron Man and Incredible Hulk are both fictional characters, they are more similar than not with their characters in both operations and processes. Let us look at their capabilities and compare them for a better understanding of the heroism in them.


The creation of the Iron Man was championed by Stan Lee, Larry Liber and Don Heck. It was with such enthusiasm that it was first presented in the Tales of Suspense #39 in March of 1963. The Iron Man was initially intended for arms dealing; the scene takes a twist when he develops some moral aptitude for the wicked deeds by retaliating against his circle of dealers.

The Incredible Hulk showed up in the centre stage one year prior in a comic book created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee. Bruce Banner became the Incredible Hulk after he was involved in an explosion accident where he absorbed a lot of Gamma radiation enough to alter his genes. This incident occurred when the G-bomb that he helped build for the US Government, blew up during its initial test.

Unlike the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man comes into existence in a suit of armor. He designed his suit to protect his injured heart and help him escape from his captives who had forced him to build a weapon of mass destruction.


The powered armor that Iron Man possesses provides him with an insurmountable source of superhuman strength and resilience, flight, and an assortment of powerful weapons. Iron Man created the first armor when he was held by his kidnappers who forced him to construct a weapon of mass destruction. He instead built his powered armor and used it to break free from captivity. His armor is endowed with powerful high-tech weapons including the beam projector on his chest, pulse bolts, electromagnetic pulse generator, defensive energy shield, a freeze-beam and the abilities to undertake space travel.

In contrary, Incredible Hulk has the potential for unlimited physical strength which is directly proportional to his emotional status. The more angered Hulk gets, the stronger he gets. Hulk’s strength exposes him to resistance to any form of destruction or bodily harm. His body is further reinforced by his power to heal within seconds and regenerate. Hulk also possesses powers that allow him to breathe underwater.


The inventor of the Iron Man, Tony Stark, is a genius in a variety of subjects including chemistry, physics, mathematics, computers and engineering. He is considered is brilliant and incorporates knowledge and experiences he is exposed to in showcasing the artificial intelligence and the quantum mechanics field in his fictional character.

Contrary to Tony Stark, Bruce Banner is a genius with a deep love for his first wife Betty Ross. His field of expertise includes engineering, biology, psychology and chemistry.

Iron Man and Incredible Hulk : A Comparison

  • It is clear that both of these fictional hero characters are very powerful. There is a strong impression that they both came to life to engender one’s integrity. It is therefore very tricky to make a pick between them since they both fight evil, just in different ways.
  • Both the characters of Incredible Hulk and the Iron Man had a significant contribution by Stan Lee.
  • Their existence emerged in the early 1960s. They have both continued to grace the world of comics culminating into films, video games and more features in several other media.
  • The features of their powers differ significantly. The Iron Man is more like an engineering genius who sources power from his very powerful armaments. In contrast, the Incredible Hulk is a hero with natural powers whose strength becomes apparent through his ranging levels of anger.
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