Irony vs. Paradox

Difference Between Irony and Paradox At times words are played around in daily conversations till they lose their…

Difference Between Irony and Paradox

At times words are played around in daily conversations till they lose their actual meaning. This happens usually when the real concept behind them is mysterious. Once the inaccurate believes spread in the in the culture, it becomes really difficult to reestablish these ideas to their actual refined form. Similar is the case with irony and paradox.

Absolute Definitions of Paradox and Irony

Irony is the word that means absolute or factual conversations logical meaning of actions contradictory with its desired meaning.

Paradox “’ refers to the statement that opposes instinct leads to incompatible challenge.

Misuse of Irony and Paradox by Prevalent Usage

Irony” is the word which was the first word taught to us in English class reasonably with a similar definition mentioned above.

Paradox “found its height Gilbert and Sullivan wrote ‘A Most Ingenious Paradox’  in their antic composition The Pirates of Penzance .The Paradox mentioned by them is not confronting in nature but on the other hand the astonishing  occurrence of a birth on 29th of February  that considers a man 21 years old ,  but with only five birthdays in his balance.

Types of Irony and Paradox

Irony can be categorized mainly into three forms: verbal, literary, situational.

Verbal “’is probably the easiest to understand easily amongst the three. It occurs when a person speaks a word or a sentence that holds a different meaning or a literal reference to another meaning with a deeper meaning that is incompatible to with the grounds.

Literary”’ happens when the reader has a deeper knowledge than the characters about the circumstances and we find them trapped created due to their own unintelligence.

Situational”’ takes place when you intent to do some specifically but the real output is different from what you intent.

Paradox can be subdivided into two parts: logical and moral.

Logical”’ statements which are referred to oneself for example ‘All nabobs are liars’ .Here the statement itself creates a paradox .Paradoxes at times occur in science theories when some parameters of the situation are unknown. Presently the famous paradox involving Schrodinger’s cat is yet not solved.

Moral”’ takes place when some one feels that no matter what they perform, they will get the same output. This is not a paradox actually but has found its way into use.


1. Paradox and Irony are mystical terms whose meaning has been destroyed by general fashion.

2. Irony deals in incompatible situations between what is conceived by the people and its actual meaning while Paradox is not related to incompatibility but rather absolute conflicts.

3. Irony is in every phase of our life: literature, talks, works in different situations, while true paradoxes are constrained to the field of science and maths.



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