Islam vs. Sufism

Difference Between Islam and Sufism The aim of both Islam and Sufi is to create a better spiritual…

Difference Between Islam and Sufism

The aim of both Islam and Sufi is to create a better spiritual life to everyone. They are both dedicated to discovery of the true self and unselfish love, for God and other people as well.It is a fact that often Islam and Sufism are confused by non- Muslims as the same religion but they are different.


Islam is the second largest religion in the world, with over a billion followers all over the world. According to Islam, the followers are to worship Allah who is their only God. They follow the ideals of Qur’an, which is their sacred book. Other beliefs include observance of Salah or ritual prayer, fasting, and abstaining from certain foods like alcohol. Islam started when the Angel Jibril, gave Prophet Muhammad the book of Revelation.


Sufism is a part of Islam that is not easy understand. It is not an ethnic or religious group but can be considered as a mystical group under Islam. Sufism originated because of the rigid rules and regulation of the orthodox leaders. The main idea that Sufism propagates is the belief of pure love to God as himself, without any hope for redemption or reward.


Sufism is a part of Islam that looks out for ways to express the direct love to God and the Sufi people have a mystical knowledge of this act. Sufi helps in further publicity of Islam to new regions as most Sufi’s are great missionaries who lead their life preaching about their belief and educating the people along with providing their spiritual meaning to their lives. While the focus of the Islam is more on the wholeness of the individual and how the people can attain peace of mind in the middle of adversities, the preaching of the Sufis is all about  unconditional love to God.


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