Islam vs. Yahudi

Difference Between Islam and Yahudi   There are several differences between the two religions Islam and Yahudi. For…

Difference Between Islam and Yahudi


There are several differences between the two religions Islam and Yahudi. For one, the teachings of Islam is based on Mohammed’s, their prophet while Yahudi is from the tribe known as Yahudah who believes that Allah should be the one God that they should trust.

Historically, Yahudi is a result of a separation within the rule of the Israelites. The north became what is now known as Israel while the South became the tribe of Yahudah. Furthermore, back in the ancient times, a war was said to have risen between the loyal followers of Mohammed and that of Allah through the transfer of knowledge that occurred between the two. Those who did not believe in Mohammed as the true prophet sided with those who laid their faith in Allah as their one true God.

In terms of economic power, those belonging to the Yahudah tribe are more in control as compared to the Muslims. That is why majority of Israel is under the leadership of Yahudi, wherein such governance is made possible only through their economic status.

From the world of Arab to Africa, it is the Mushrikeen tribe that holds much of the control. A lot of the Yahudis have migrated to the Palestinian and as such are no longer called non believers. In terms of power base, for the Muslim it is the Prophet that holds the seat while for the Yahudi it is Allah.

To note:

  1. Islam believes in the teachings of the prophet Mohammed while Yahudi believes in Allah
  2. Yahudi comprises the southern region of what used to be the Israelites
  3. The Yahudah tribe are stronger than the Islam in terms of economic reaches thus allowing them to rule Israel.
  4. In terms of power base, it is the prophet Mohammed that holds the seat for the Islam while it is Allah for the Yahudah tribe
  5. War between the Islam and Yahudah tribe resulted because of the transfer of knowledge that occurred.
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