Difference Between ISTJ And INTJ People have different nature. Some people are good natured while some others are…

Difference Between ISTJ And INTJ

People have different nature. Some people are good natured while some others are ill natured. Personality theories explain why man finds themselves confined to a very specific personality. This theory fits them perfectly into some personality type and describes their actions. These personality types are developed by psychologists and doctors can help people answer their own questions about themselves. Psychology of mind is the root of all these theories which explains why the person is what he is.

During the Second World War, the two women, who were mother and daughter’s (Mrs. Myers and Ms Briggs) together published a book defining 16 personality traits of woman. They did this for women to find out what kind of job they are comfortable to work in. By defining certain dichotomies, people can identify what kind of character they have. This is also based on the Carl Jung’s theory on personality.

Two of these 16 types of personality that will be discussed in this article are ISTJ, and INTJ.

ISTJ stands for “Introversion, Sensing, thinking judgment”.  It is also termed as “fulfilling duty” People of such personality can do their respective work well the reason being that he is possessed with a keen desire of information and motivation. He or she is the most peaceful creature who always wants peace and order. Such a man has mostly worked alone and can spend much time working on projects that he or she is very interested in. ISTJ people are also perfectionist, and often have no sympathy with the feelings of others. ISTJ people, in short, are active people with great potential and ability. Examples of professions for ISTJ people are doctors, lawyers, police officers, police officers, business executives, military leaders, and much more.

INTJ, however, “introverted intuitive thinking judging.” It is also known as “The Scientist”. They live by ideas and principles. They believe in long term and not short term. They view things from a broader context and generally skip minute points. They are full of ambitions. These people have a lot of confidence. INTJs are happy thinking of themselves in their minds and not about others. They are also born leaders in their own way. They are effective leaders who get things objectively and subjectively, which is ideal. These types of people make great career as: innovative scientists, technocrats, lecturers, software professionals etc.

The big difference between ISTJ and INTJ people is sensing versus intuition that is indicated by the second letter of both words. The ISTJ’s use their sensing ability to act or decide on a particular thing. The INTJ people use the intuition in thoughts and decide. They are also quick to understand concepts.


1. ISTJ highlights sensing elements rather than intuitive thinking and decision making as in the INTJ.

2. ISTJ is also known as “Duty fulfiller” whereas the INTJ is known as “The Scientist”.

3. ISTJ people act as supporters to the INTJ people who generate ideas for people to use and generally act like a leader.

4. ISTJ friendly jobs are doctors, police officers and investigators while INTJ should work as scientists, engineers and professors


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