It vs. This

Difference Between It and This This and it are two words in the English language that are often…

Difference Between It and This

This and it are two words in the English language that are often confused as regards their meaning. These actually are different words having different connotations. The term‘It’is a third person singular pronoun, while the term ‘This’ is a pronoun which aids in demonstrating something.

‘It’ is normally placed at the beginning of those that are meant to emphasize on a topic say for example the sentence ‘It must be completed on time.’ In the given example the word ‘it’ is used to emphasize on an idea. On the other hand the word ‘this’ is used to bring something to someone’s notice as in the sentence ‘This is the book I was talking about’. In this sentence the word ‘This’ is used to bring a particular book to a person’s notice by another person. This is also a significant difference between the two words ‘it’ and ‘this’.

Sometimes the word ‘it’ is used at the beginning of sentences as for example ‘It will rain in the morning “It is evident here that this assertive sentence begins with the word ‘it’. One of the primary uses of the word ‘it’ is that it is usually used in the third person singular form in the same way as the other third-person singular pronouns viz. ‘she’ or ‘he’. Look at the two sentences

1. It will burst soon.

2. It is very scary

in both sentences the word ‘it’ is used as the third person singular form. In case of the first example ‘it’ refers to ‘the Baloon’ and in case of the second example, ‘it’ refers to a movie. Many a times, in a sentence, the pronoun This comes at very the end, as in ‘I was not aware of this’.





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