Italian Greyhound vs. Whippet

Difference Between an Italian Greyhound and a Whippet   These two breeds for dogs have some similarities that…

Difference Between an Italian Greyhound and a Whippet


These two breeds for dogs have some similarities that may confuse anyone. For one, they both refer to dogs that belong to the sight hound family which literally means they hunt by using their sense of sight as opposed to using their sense of smell, in which case they would belong to the scent hound family.

Of the two, it is the Italian greyhound that is considered a happy breed. They are the smallest from the sight hound family and are the most playful as well. Their owners enjoy jogging with them as they adore running around as much as they can. They may not be the most ideal for those who want calm dogs since they show definite signs of hyperactivity that needs to be controlled to avoid accidents in the family.

On the other hand, the whippet is the more loyal kind of the sight hound family, often preferring to stay by their master’s side and be a watch dog. They are also very good runners but they adore just being able to relax on the rug all day long. They are considered ideal guard dogs although strangers should not have any reasons to fear them.

The main difference between the two breeds is their level of energy and temperament. As mentioned earlier, the Italian Greyhound is active and playful whereas the whippet is gentle and calm, even shy. Understandably, the Italian Greyhound adores being outdoors while the whippet will enjoy a quiet afternoon inside the house.

To summarize:

  1. The Italian Greyhound is different from the whippet in terms of behaviour.
  2. The Italian Greyhound is boisterous and playful and they love being outdoors.
  3. The whippet is shy and gentle, preferring to relax and lie down inside the house.
  4. Both Italian greyhound and whippet are good runners and members of the sight hound family who hunt using their sense of sight.
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