Italian vs. Sicilian

Difference Between an Italian and a Sicilian   There are so many reasons why you would think that…

Difference Between an Italian and a Sicilian


There are so many reasons why you would think that an Italian and a Sicilian are the same. After all, they both come from Europe and the Sicilians live in Italy. But the similarities end there. Let’s take a look at what makes them different from each other.

The Italian

The word Italian does not only denote a group of people coming from Italy but also anything that can trace its origins there such as traditions, plants, animals, and goods. Italian art, Italian history, Italian cuisine and Italian languages are just a few examples. Italian food like espresso, lasagne, pasta and pizza are some influences from Italy that have become popular internationally.

The Sicilian

Although Sicily is located in Italy, people who come from this autonomous region are referred to as Sicilian. Because they are independent, they have their own religion, beliefs, culture and language that set them apart from the Italians. Sicily is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, the largest in fact. Income for them is derived from Agriculture giving them a highly stable economy thus earning them their independence.

What Sets the Two Apart

For one, these two have different lifestyles and culture. When you say Italian, one is bound to think of pasta and romantic music whereas for Sicilian it’s mostly agriculture like vegetables, fruits and other produce. Their way of speaking is also different as well as their traditions. Bottom line is, Sicilians are sure to be Italians while Italians are not always Sicilians.

To summarize:

  1. Italian is a term used to refer to things, animals, plants and people originating from Italy
  2. Sicilian is a term used to refer to things, animals, plants, and people originating from the island of Sicily which is an autonomous region of Italy
  3. Italian makes you think of pasta and romantic music while Sicilian is more inclined towards fruits, vegetables and other forms of produce
  4. Sicilians have a very different way of life to that of the Italians, they speak a different dialect as well.
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