Difference Between IVF and IUI In vitro fertilization or IVF is a process where you take the egg…

Difference Between IVF and IUI

In vitro fertilization or IVF is a process where you take the egg or eggs outside the womb. The fertilization of eggs starts in a fluid medium with sperm. After fertilization the zygote is put back looking forward for maturation of the zygote and early pregnancy. The fertilization process is completely made in the body, in vitro. When conventional reproductive technologies fail, IVF tends to provide helping hand by giving birth to test tube babies. In addition to IUI, or intrauterine insemination is a process by which sperm are deposited into the woman’s uterus artificially. In the case of IUI the sperm is carefully prepared by first washing the sperm.

Although IVF is a process of popular technology of reproduction, but couples today often tend to go for IUI, which is much less expensive and invasive. In IUI is only a catheter that is inserted into the cervix and is a quick and easy process that causes less pain. Advantage of IUI is that IUI is less expensive than IVF.

IVF is a process that is very useful when the eggs and sperm can not fertilize organically. For this reason, the leaves are removed and fertilized outside the ovary in a fluid medium. However, IUI is particularly appropriate when the element of male infertility prevents pregnancy. In these cases, sperm are small and can not travel all the way to fertilization. Therefore, it is artificially inserted into the neck to reduce the distance that sperm travels.


IVF is the first in vitro fertilization, while for the IUI is intrauterine insemination.

2. In IUI the sperm is artificially inserted into the cervix of women through a catheter.

3. IUI is less painful and invasive than IVF.

4. An IVF cycle costs as much as $ 15 000, while the IUI is much cheaper, only $ 500.




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