Difference between IVF and IVM IVF shortened to IVF is a process of artificial fertilization, where eggs are…

Difference between IVF and IVM

IVF shortened to IVF is a process of artificial fertilization, where eggs are allowed to conjugate with sperm outside the womb, in a liquid medium. IVF is a major breakthrough therapy used as a treatment of infertility. Doctors will succumb to this process when all other methods of reproductive assistance tools fail. On the other hand, in vitro maturation (IVM) is a way to let the ovarian follicles to grow and develop outside the uterus in vitro.

The follicles that are destined to die can be used to obtain further information on folliculogenesis and oocyte maturation.

Different stages:

Ovarian stimulation.

The process begins on the third day of menstruation and continues to fertility drugs that allows multiple follicles to develop in ovary.

Regeneration of eggs.

When the follicles have started growing by the use of human chorionic gonadotropin then this can lead to ovulation in the next 42 hours.


Sperm are produced in the laboratory to remove all the seminal fluid and inactive cells. Eggs and sperm are under cultivation in the ratio 75,000:1 for 18 hours

Embryo Transfer.

The growing embryo is evaluated based on growth, cell number and fragmentation rate. The best embryos are transferred through the vagina and the cervix. This is an operation that takes place in conditions of the laboratory.

In Vitro Maturation- Different stages


Primordial follicle growth

Primary follicle growth

Secondary follicle growth

Later follicle growth

Before ovulation, follicle growth

Summary :.

  1. In vitro fertilization is IVF while IVM is In vitro maturation.

b. In vitro fertilization is a process of artificial insemination while In vitro maturation is the process of developing follicles in vitro, further clinical observation is required.

c. IVF is performed in 5 different medical stages while IVM has been implemented in seven different organic phases.

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