Jackie Chan vs. Bruce Lee

Difference Between Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee they are two people who do…

Difference Between Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee they are two people who do not need any introduction as they are famous in their own department. Their skills and martial arts performances have made them a house hold name.

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan who was actually named as Cheng Long is not an actor, a singer, a social worker, an initiator, a comedian. He has got extra ordinary skills as far as Marshal Arts are concerned. From the early age he mastered all these skills. At that time he used to have no background and no financial support. After a long time he returned to Hong Kong his talents got recognition. Gradually he got a place in the film industry and he became a popular name. He also has his name in the Guinness book of world records for his astonishing skills.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee who was named as Xiao Long was a legendary name in the field of Martial Arts. This man is only an actor, but a teacher, movie maker and is so skilled in martial arts that he has invented his own skill named as Jeet Kune Do Marshal Arts. He had been working for the cinemas from a very early age. He became famous as an actor but his interest in the domain of stunts led him to take training. Later on he launched his own school of Marshal Arts where many celebrities have taken training. He was also famous for his expert dancing skills. His movies used to be huge hits but apart from the success he opened up more branches of his school and had a production company. His death was said to be happened due to the cerebral edema.

Bruce Lee was a self made person and a leader in this field. It is true that Jacky Chan has his own style but he was definitely influenced by Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee is a well known marshal arts master; he also gave his own skills a name Jeet Kune Do Marshal Arts. However Jacky Chan is a showman, a comedian, more of an actor and stunts man.  His games and movies are more famous among the young ones. When a person looks at Bruce Lee in action, he might learn something out of it and watching Jacky Chan is more fun. could work for a very shorter time as compared to Chan and they are different in their own styles.

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