Jaguar vs. Cheetah

Difference Between Jaguar and Cheetah Jaguars and cheetahs are two mammals who are the members the cat family.…

Difference Between Jaguar and Cheetah

Jaguars and cheetahs are two mammals who are the members the cat family. However they are cats of wild nature and are likely to devour you if you are not careful.


Jaguars are the 3rd-largest feline behind the tiger and lion and are under the panther genus of the cat family. These are the only species of Panthers that can be found in America. It resembles the leopard, but if looked carefully it can be seen that a jaguar is generally bigger and well-built. These predators are mainly opportunistic, solitary, stalk & ambush experts who have a very powerful bite that can pierce through armored reptiles. They are found at the peak of the food chain.


Cheetah is a large feline that is found in the Middle East and Africa. This is the only felid that has non-retractable pads and claws, which disable them from gripping. They won’t be able to climb trees vertically. They are famous for their speed and it can cover short bursts up to 500 meters. They are the fastest species alive.

Usually, jaguars are found in the Americas; whereas Cheetahs live in the Middle East and Africa. A jaguar’s spots are mostly rose-shaped with a spot at the center while a cheetah’s spots have very solid and evenly distributed spots. Jaguars have retractable claws, which help them to climb trees vertically while the Cheetahs, which don’t have retractable claws, cannot climb vertically. . A cheetah is definitely more agile and will win leaving the jaguar behind in terms of speed. Cheetah depends on speed rather than their claws when getting a prey.


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