Java Vs. C++

Difference Between Java and C++   Java and C++ are both programming languages that are object oriented and…

Difference Between Java and C++


Java and C++ are both programming languages that are object oriented and object based, relatively. With the use of these applications, software programs are created and developed. For Java, software that is ecommerce in nature is developed whereas for C++, system software is created.

Java was developed in 1990 by Sun Microsystems. Originally, Java was developed to run applets which are small applications used in a browser, however ,later it became widely used for ecommerce. Among the features of Java are built in support especially for computer networks, flexible development of software application, code execution securely done using a remotely accessed server as well as compatibility of the code in several different platforms. Also, the language used in Java is considered the best of all programming languages making it the easiest to use. Another good thing about Java is that it allows automatic management of its memory rather than manual management. This simply means that memory is freed automatically in Java and programmers do not need to worry themselves about cleaning up. This added feature, however, makes installing a Java take up a lot more memory than a C++.

C++, on the other hand is considered a top level object based programming language. Of all languages, this is the most popular. C++ was developed at the Bell laboratories and is an enhanced version of the C language. There are many features that can be run on C++ including operator overload, classes, templates, and virtual functions. Apart from this, with the use of C++, multiple inheritances and exception handling were introduced as well as type checking.

Basically, the C++ includes all the beneficial characteristics of the C language. It was mainly designed for the Unix operating system which allows code reusability. Lastly, C++ does not require an operating system to run as well as hardware.

To summarize:


  1. Java is object oriented while C++ is object based
  2. Java code can run on different platforms while C++ cannot
  3. Java is used for applets and ecommerce while C++ is used for developing software for systems.
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