Java vs. C

Difference Between Java and C Java and C++ are both object oriented programming language. Software applications are developed…

Difference Between Java and C

Java and C++ are both object oriented programming language. Software applications are developed using these applications. Applications based on e-commerce are developed using the Java language as the language C++ is used towards the development of system software.


Java is an object-oriented programming language. During the 1990s, it was developed by Sun Microsystems. Although this language was primarily designed to develop Applets which are small applications that run on the browser but later on it is also used in developing applications based on e-commerce.

The following are the features of the Java programming language:

• Secure execution of the code from a remote server.

• The code written in Java can run on different platforms or is platform independent.

• Integrated support for computer networks.

• Allows flexible development of software applications because modular or object oriented approach.

• The Java language includes all the best features of other programming languages ​​that take its application easier compared to other programming languages.

Another important feature of this language is the way it handles memory. It supports automatic memory management rather than manual memory management. The automatic memory management means that garbage collection is performed automatically so that Java programmers do not need to worry about freeing memory. However, some programmers say that more memory is consumed by the Java language compared to other programming languages ​​like C and C++


C++ is a high-level object oriented programming language. Of all the programming languages, C++ is the most used. It is called as the improved version of C language and has been developed in Bell Laboratories. Features such as virtual functions, operator overloading, templates and classes are supported by C++. This language also introduced the concept of multiple inheritance as well as exception handling. More control is available in type C++ compared to the language C.

C++  includes all the major features that were present in the language C. Even the Compilers in C++ are able to run the code written in C language. But there may be some who may not be able to run in C++.

The C++ language was primarily designed for the operating system UNIX. C++ also allows code reusability. This means that programmers can easily modify the code without changing it. It also provides portability, which means it does not require specific hardware and operating system.

C++ language has also introduced the concept of classes. Using classes, written code can be arranged easily. The classes also help in the removal and correction of bugs in an easier way.


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