Java Vs. C Language

Difference Between Java and C Language   These two are the same in that they are both computer…

Difference Between Java and C Language


These two are the same in that they are both computer languages used to develop software. Java is used for applications involved in ecommerce while C language is used for system software.

The C language was developed in 1972 by Bell Laboratories. This was originally designed for the Unix Operating System. Apart from developing system software, it is also being used to develop software for portable applications. It does so by making use of structural programming and allowing lexical variable scope and recursion. Every code that is executable in the C language is inside the functions while their parameters are passed by value. For parameters that are passed by functions,  pointer values are utilized instead. To terminate a statement a semicolon is used. Where the execution of the program is done is what is called the “Main Function.” Among the many features of the C language is the small amount of reserved keywords, its support by function and data pointers of ad hoc runtime polymorphism, conditional compilation, macro definition pre-processor, file inclusion of source code and its wide variety of compound operators.

On the other hand, Java is a purely object oriented programming language which was developed by Sun Microsystems back in 1990. It was originally designed to run applets but then evolved for ecommerce use. The features of Java are as follows: automatic management of memory, flexibility for developing software applications, compatibility of code to run on different platforms, execution of code securely using a remote server, and built in support for computer networks. Some programmers are under the impression though that Java takes up more memory than the C language.

To summarize:

  • Java is an object oriented language while C language is procedural or structural in nature
  • Java was developed by Sun Microsystems while the C language was by Bell Laboratories
  • Java is used for applets and ecommerce while C language is used for system software  and applications
  • Java uses the objects while C language does not
  • Java can do automatic memory management while C language cannot.
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