Java vs. Javascript

Difference between Java and Javascript The internet nowadays is already said to be a right. Millions of people…

Difference between Java and Javascript

The internet nowadays is already said to be a right. Millions of people are hooked up into those social networking websites. We use the internet as reference, for entertainment or recreational activities, and even for banking or simply purchasing products online. But most individuals do not care to what some terms mean. Now, do you know what Java stands for? How about Javascript? Both are programming languages which are used to make most web pages a lot more interactive.

What is Java?

The term object oriented is compromised with Java. Sun Microsystems were the ones to develop it in the early 1900’s. Basically, it was used to make small programs for some web browsers but later on the 21st century, it is also utilized in making applications.

Java has some features, namely:

  • It’s simple to use for it constructs of several of the finest features other programming languages has to offer.
  • Java written codes are allowed to run on other platforms making it independent.
  • Security is not an issue because the code can be accomplished securely from the remote source.
  • Java being object oriented enables you to develop more software or applications.
  • It has an automatic support built for all computer networks.
  • It helps developers save time for it supports the automated memory management model.

On the other hand, according to some individuals, compared to other programming languages, Java is slower.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript just like Java is also a programming language. It was designed to make web pages more vibrant, Interactive as well. It runs on ones computer so frequent downloads are not required.

In today’s times, most web browsers have JavaScript enabled. But the disadvantage is that, JavaScript can only run if it is enabled in one browser, although JavaScript is enabled in most browsers by default. No other particular program is need in writing a code in JavaScript for it is an interpreted language. Any text editor will do.

In Brief:

  • A scripting language is what JavaScript is called whereas Java is the object oriented language.
  • JavaScript runs on ones computer so you will not need to download updates frequently while Java does require you to.
  • Most browsers are JavaScript enabled meaning there is no particular program needed in writing a code in JavaScript.
  • Java has an automatic support built for all computer networks.
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