Jejunum Vs. Ileum

Difference Between Jejunum and Ileum Jejunum is the middle part of small intestine, which provides only one side…

Difference Between Jejunum and Ileum

Jejunum is the middle part of small intestine, which provides only one side that leads into the duodenum to the ileum. The lining of the jejunum has a very large area that characterizes many folds, villi and microvilli projections and even the villi. The ileum, is the longest part of the intestine that lies in the end. The ileum starts from jejunum that leads to the ileocecal valve.

Jejunum is the specific site where all the different processes of digestion and secretion of enzymes continue. Despite all the process of start in the stomach, but move further in jejunum. As for the absorption of components such as amino acids (the capillaries), glucose and lipids (in the lymphatic capillaries) products digested is also started in the jejunum. In addition, the ileum is where B vitamins are absorbed and a second round of the absorption of bile salts is there.

The entire intestinal system in the human body including the small intestine consists of three distinct parts, the duodenum, jejunum and ileum. The jejunum is the second part, in order of appearance and ileum is deepest part.

The jejunum contains trace amounts of tissue under the mucosa-associated lymph or malt extract, while the ileum contains elements of MALT in large quantities in the structure of Peyer’s patches.

Ileum has a large number of galleries of blood and the line arteries. Based on a factual basis for these differences are not known yet.


1. Jejunum and ileum are both parts of small intestine but ileum is the last part and Jejunum is the mid section.

2. Digestion and the secretion of the enzyme occur in the jejunum, while absorption of B vitamins along with bile salts is occurring in the ileum.

3. Jejunum has traces on the nodes associated mucosal tissue, while the ileum has large amounts of nodes associated with mucosal tissue.

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