Johnnie Walker Black Label vs. Blue Label

Difference Between Johnnie Walker Black Label and Blue Label Johnnie Walker is one of the most popular brands…

Difference Between Johnnie Walker Black Label and Blue Label

Johnnie Walker is one of the most popular brands in Scotch Whiskey with a worldwide market. The brand has retained its place of pride for nearly two centuries. Its origin goes back to Scotland in 1820. It is owned by Diageo. It was original name is Walker’s Kilmamock Whiskey. But its present popular name owes to a grocer named ‘John’ who first introduced it. It was branded ‘Johnny Walker’ by his legacy.

Red Label, Black Label, Green Label, Gold Label and Blue Label are its different verities. It had White Label too but it was discarded. Each of these blends is unique in flavors and mood creation of mood.

Black Label

Black label was introduced in 1870 with a trade mark of ‘Hidden Depths’. It still retains the genuineness of its maker and outsells every other deluxe Blended Scotch Whisky across the globe. It is a rich and smooth blend nearly 40 very best whiskies of Scotland. It ranges from the strong west coast malts and subtle east coast flavors. Interestingly it is matured for 12 years. It is soda, ginger ale, or water. Sometimes it is taken raw.

Blue Label

Blue label whiskey of The Johnnie Walker is given the trade mark ‘Rare and Exclusive’. It has won many awards for its excellent odor and feel. It is added to the house of Johnnie Walker most recently.  It is a premium blend of the Johnnie Walker.

It is matured for a very long period in Oak wood to reach its peak. It is a blend of some expensive malts and very superior grains. Its expected age of maturation is longer than that of other blends.

Blue label is called the embodiment of blending by the house of Johnnie Walker. It was made to imitate the early 19th century whiskies. It is unbelievably smooth blend of 9 rare Scottish whiskies. It is a blend of most exceptional and hand selected nurtured young and old whiskies. It is contained in an individually numbered Baccarat crystal decanter crafted by Master Craftsmen in the world in a unique way. It is highly expensive because of its exceptional quality, character and flavor. Its flavors are affected by the smoke of the best and the rich sweet whiskies of the east. The taste of the whisky is unique one. Palate should be refreshed with ice water before sipping the Blue Label. After that the multi layers of flavors are felt. Its other qualities include slight aroma of smoke, feel of spice and a hint of sweetness. It gives an intense, slow, rich, deep and multi layered experience of flavor.

Blue Label Vs Black Label

Blue label is the premium blend of the Johnnie Walker. It is more matured than Black label. It is much richer and smooth blend prepared by exceptionally rare malts and grains. While tasting Blue label, the multi-layers of flavors are felt. Blue label is hand crafted brand of whiskey. Blue label is not affordable to all because of its high prices. Black label is comparatively cheap.

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