Journal Vs. Diary

Difference Between Journal and Diary The difference between a diary and a journal can be explained by saying…

Difference Between Journal and Diary

The difference between a diary and a journal can be explained by saying that a journal is really a book of poems that expresses feelings, emotions, fears and innermost thoughts, while a diary is a story about you. Anyone can understand the difference between reading a newspaper and poetry.

In case of diary you list the things you’ve done every day. In a diary you write about your everyday feelings, or about something you felt for somebody, or just something that has just happened. Diary give an impression of a person’s writing.

Take a pen and start writing. In this way, the journals are written. Only the continuous shed of thoughts on a piece of paper with no thinking or editing. A diary, however, involves more rigorous writing. It is meant to be harvested at the end of the day and record events that happened during the day, your assessment, your goals, your accomplishments, your failures etc… It is a record of everyday life as a routine.

The journals do not always consist of a written word. It can be a collection of photographs, drawings, poems, articles, and sometimes their thoughts to go with them, how these things make you feel, why you love them, why keep them. A diary, however, has largely written work, written about you on your own.

Journal writing can be learned while diary writing can not be learned. It’s like writing a schedule or information about you.

Summary :.

1 In a diary listing is made for the things you’ve done every day since the time you got up in the morning.

2. It is not necessary to maintain a journal every day. You can write when you want and write what you like. Diaries are written every day, especially at the end of the day.

3. A diary consists of the words of your daily routine, a journal contains something that best express your feelings. It may include any sketches, drawings or words.

4. A diary is primarily something portable while a journal can be anything from a laptop to a computer

5. You can do journal writing classes and you can learn to write about feelings in a beautiful and expressive manner. In order to maintain a diary, you need to learn to write.

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