Justice vs. Grace

Difference Between Justice and Grace These two terms have a lot of confusions regarding their difference in signifying…

Difference Between Justice and Grace

These two terms have a lot of confusions regarding their difference in signifying law and order in divine and moral issues. There are differences in opinion about which of the two that vary in quite a few aspects, has higher virtues.

Justice includes the divine laws and human laws as well. According to the dictionary, justice is a practice that adheres to the support of anything that is related to a fair and proper treatment and is honorable, legal and standard for every individual. From the point of view of any person who has been wronged, the punishment of the offender indicates justice. It is an act that lets the wronged person get even with the person doing the wrong deed and yet retain his self-respect, conceit and self-esteem.

Grace, in a religious sense means the undeserved favor from that comes from God. The human beings who are sinners do not deserve the God’s glory. However we are gifted with the tendency of spreading the will to seek God and try to remain holy so that we can be worthy of his favor. The voice inside us that tells us to do good things, praise the lord and pray.

The point of difference that sets justice and grace apart is that justice is easily available as it is a legal system created by human being for human beings. If you are wronged, you can get justice in a court of law. However grace is very difficult to achieve. It is a long winding process in search of excellence. It is true that people think that grace provides people a loop hole to keep on sinning, however it cannot get more wrong. If you have God’s grace in you, not only will you shun the path of sins, you will seek the way that leads to God.

While justice is a man made system where we get even with a person who has wronged us, grace is the search for goodwill and spirituality from God.  Whereas justice does not forgive any wrong deeds, grace teaches us to forgive the wrong that has been done to others.


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