Kangaroo vs. Wallaby

Difference Between Kangaroo and Wallaby The two animals Kangaroo and Wallaby are so similar to look at that…

Difference Between Kangaroo and Wallaby

The two animals Kangaroo and Wallaby are so similar to look at that people get confused. However though it is true that both these animals are a member of the Marsupial family and have the tendency of carrying their newly born babies in pouches, they are different in quite some aspects.

Size is one factor that sets a kangaroo and a wallaby apart. A wallaby is much smaller in size than a kangaroo. While a kangaroo attains a height of about 8 feet, the maximum height of a wallaby is about 24 inches. Due to its bigger size a kangaroo has far more weight than a wallaby. While a kangaroo can have a weight up to 91 kilos the weight of a wallaby is barely 24 kilos.

Another point of difference between a wallaby and a kangaroo is their skin. A wallaby skin has a natural glow and a wallaby coat is seen in various vibrant colors. However the kangaroo skin does not have a very bright appearance and a kangaroo coat is seen in a brownish color.

Another important point of difference is the structure of the hind legs of wallaby and kangaroo. While structure of the legs of a wallaby is more compact the legs and knees of a kangaroo are wide apart. The legs of a kangaroo help them in running fast. However legs of a wallaby give it a power to move properly in dense shrubs and forests. The compact leg structure makes a wallaby more agile and the wide legs of a kangaroo gives them more speed.


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