Kanpur vs. Lucknow

Difference Between Kanpur and Lucknow The capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh of India is Lucknow, whereas…

Difference Between Kanpur and Lucknow

The capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh of India is Lucknow, whereas Kanpur is a major industrial city lying very near to the city of to Lucknow. Lucknow is known as the “city of bureaucrats”, while Kanpur is an industrial city known for its leather products that are exported to different parts of the world. While Lucknow is most famous of the two cities and tourists also prefer it to Kanpur, there is much to see in Kanpur as well. Both cities are situated just 80 miles apart, which is connected by national highway number 25. Despite being so close to one another, both cities have a lot of difference and have their own distinct characteristics. Lucknow is situated along the banks Gomti River, a tributary of River Ganga. On the other hand, Kanpur is located along the banks of River Ganga.

Lucknow was an important city in northern India since the time of the Mughals and even British admitted its meaning by making it the capital of the United Provinces. It was always known as the cultural capital of India (the city of Nawabs), where visual and performing arts flourished and helped other parts of the country. Lucknow is famous for two reasons, the Mango Dussehra chikan art and reputation. While chikankari is an art that has its lovers in all parts of the world today, the belt of mango, a place just 25 km from Lucknow, Malihabad, is known as the capital of the world mango. Many famous monuments are present in the city of Lucknow such as such as Chota and Bada Imambara that has attracted many tourists from all over the country. Lucknow is also famous and renowned for the Lakhnavi tehjeeb (courtesy) and Awadhi cuisine is considered inspired by the Mughlai food. The peak of Muslim culture was reached in the city of Lucknow and the impact of the Muslim cultureis clearly visible in the customs as well as traditions of the city, keeping aside the dressing sense. The city of Lucknow is quite popular with foreigners.

Lucknow is the capital of the great state of Uttar Pradesh, which was always a city of administrative. It has grown beyond recognition in the last 20 years and the culture of the city flooded with malls, the youth can be seen hanging out in the different maills around the city. Lucknow has a large population which is mainly Hindu, although the Muslims are about 30% of the population.

Lucknow boasts of only the second DNA bank in the world. It has many major institutions and of course the state legislative buildings.

Kanpur has always been a city of industries and there was a time when it was famous for the textile mills that have died naturally due to little government support. Today it has grown to become the tenth most industrialized city in the country and a lot of credit goes to its tanneries producing leather products of world class quality, especially the jackets that are exported worldwide. Kanpur has the honor of IIT Kanpur, an Institute of world-class engineering. Kanpur is the most populous city in North India and is also the second most industrialized city in northern India after New Delhi course.




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