Kerala vs. Goa

Difference between Kerala and Goa in India Kerala is an Indian state located in its south-western part. It…

Difference between Kerala and Goa in India

Kerala is an Indian state located in its south-western part. It absorbs about 15,005 sq. miles of total land area. Goa is the smallest state positioned in the south-western part of India that occupies about 1429 sq. miles of total land area. Goa is the fourth smallest state regarding population.

Kerala is among the oldest cultural foundation in India. Kerala has been a chief spice trade center from around 3000 BC. On the contrary, Goa’s history dates back to 3rd century BC. Actually, it can be said that Goa shaped a part of Mauryan territory when it was ruled by the king of Magadha, Ashoka.

Though Christians formed a large part of Kerala, Hinduism too flourished in the region rapidly in terms of population. On the other hand, in Goa Buddhist monks have placed the base of Buddhism.

The climatic conditions of Goa are hot and humid while that of Kerala is a wet and naval tropical climate. Kerala is known for flora and fauna and fertile land because in this state it rains for almost 4 months in a year. On the contrary, Goa is famous for wildlife. Goa is known for some of the premium wildlife sanctuaries in the country. There are about 48 types of animals and 275 kinds of birds.

The main crop in Goa is rice and some cash crops include coconut, areca nuts, cashew nuts, sugarcane and fruits like mangoes and bananas. At the same time, the land in Kerala is rich in cereals. There is a high growth in fishing industries in Kerala.

Service industries like tourism, banking and public distribution are the main sectors that boost economy of Kerala on a large scale. Tourism is the biggest industrial sector in the state of Kerala. Goa also strives primarily on tourism. Goa is ahead in terms of GDP per capita among other states in India. Summer and winter are the two tourist seasons in Goa and foreign tourists visit Goa during winter on a large scale.

There are varying reasons to attract visitors or tourists in Kerala. It is the place of culture and tradition. Kathakali, Koodiyattam and Mohini Attam which has their origins in Kerala and are the traditional dances which attracts tourists. On the contrary, tourists are attracted to Goa mainly due to beaches and carnival. there are beaches and temples too in Kerala. Trissur and Sabarimala are some of the famous locations for temples in Kerala.


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