Kinesiologist vs. Physiotherapist

Difference Between Kinesiologist vs. Physiotherapist A kinesiologist is concentrated in the study of human movement. Discipline is to…

Difference Between Kinesiologist vs. Physiotherapist

A kinesiologist is concentrated in the study of human movement. Discipline is to speculate on the various mechanical factors involved in human movements. Kinesiologists analyze the entire musculosketeal system and complex ways in which it operates.

Therapists deal with patients having reduced working capacity. Physiotherapist’s work is to provide health care to patients who lack muscular abilities..

The basic method used by kinesiologist uses scientifically proven principles for medical research, conservation and increased movement of people in all situations. They are mainly used in the fitness industry and clinical research industry. The job of the physiotherapist is to work closely with patients to identify and classify their movement problems and seek solutions especially effective in improving movement. Their job is to design and develop new treatments and effectively start a manual therapy, introduce therapeutic exercises and use technical equipment for any purpose mentioned above.

Kinesiologist mainly deals in

Health Promotion


Clinical Rehabilitation

Health and safety in the industry

Case coordination

Disability management

Research and management of health and safety of the national standard

On the other hand, areas of treatment with physiotherapists are

Rehab heart and lung

Geriatric Physical Therapy

Neurological Physiotherapy

Orthopedic Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy

Kinesiologist studies entire body of interconnected systems and tries to track how it moves. The specific objective is to find concrete ways that people have to build a solid body using which they can just dance and play.

Summary :.

1.Kinesiologist is concentrated in the study of human movement on the mechanical front. Physiotherapist treats patients with reduced capacity of movement.

2 Kinesiologist applies scientifically proven medical principles during therapist’s contact with patients, the detection and characterization of certain problems and find solutions to problems in movement. A physiotherapist mainly deals with muscles and limbs.


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