Kiss vs. Smooch

Difference Between Kiss and a Smooch There are different ways to show love and affection among your beloved…

Difference Between Kiss and a Smooch

There are different ways to show love and affection among your beloved ones. Kissing can be considered as an action to show love or affection. Smooching is believed to be a close relative of kissing but there are differences between kissing and smooching.


Precisely, kissing refers to an act of pressing one’s lips to another person’s lips. When two people share a kiss with each other, it is concluded that both persons have a romantic relationship between them. Kissing generally is related to romanticism. There is a wide variety of kissing other than lip to lip kissing. However, lip to lip kiss is the common kind of kiss that comes to mind when the word kiss is mentioned.

Kissing can also be done on other parts of a person or an object. Normally, kissing involves sentimental relationship between the people who shares kiss depending on which part of face or body the kiss is shared. It refers to be affection, when kiss is given on the cheeks or on the forehead. It is also done as greeting is some countries. Kiss is also given for wishing a person either on the lips or cheeks. In Asian countries, kissing on hands is a kind of respect for the person while there is a ritual of kissing between bride and groom during wedding in major parts of country.


Smooching is nothing different from kissing and also is not located on the other part of gamut. A kiss can be neutral that is it can be without romance or sense, but a smooch is a kind of kiss which definitely has it. Smooching is a kind of kiss, which takes longer time than kissing either on cheek or lips. Smooch is considered as an excited kiss. French kiss is well-known as smooch. Unlike kissing, smooching is done only in the lips. It involves the action of lips of both person’s lips. Smooching can be of both types, gentle and wild.

Differences between Kiss and Smooch

  • Smooch is a type of kiss.
  • Kiss can be given on other parts of body or object, but smooch can be done only on the lips.
  • Smooch continues for a longer time than kiss.
  • Smooch is related to excitement but kiss can be neutral or without any excitement.

Hence, there is not much difference between smooch and kiss. But it could be beneficial to know the explanation between the two for not getting misjudged. Problem can occur while using one term referring the other.


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