Know the difference between MS SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2

Data management and business intelligent projects make use of two techniques  – Ms SQL Server 2008 and 2008…

Data management and business intelligent projects make use of two techniques  – Ms SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2. With the SQL Server you can use a business objects creation environment or a server administration environment. The Container and Visual elements that was established for SQL servers in 2005 can still be used with the 2008 version. With either version you have the option to use projects, such as Analysis server scripts and SQL server scripts, and these projects are organized into solutions.

SQL server offers users the option to use two studios. One of these is for development tasks and the other one is for management tasks. In the management studio, for example, one can manage the server database. The development studio is more suited to business and can be used to develop solutions related to business intelligence.

About SQL Server 2008

By using SQL Server you will be able to manage the database seamlessly. This system was designed to make work much easier because the organization of information will be done automatically. It doesn’t matter if the data is structured or semi-structured because this server can store all kinds of information – print, media, digital and so on. It makes a perfect backup storage for your information and can perform various functions that meet your needs, such as search, analysis, sharing, etc., across all the formats that you have stored.

With this server you can use the Filestream data type to reference any file that you have stored on the system. It also has Full Text Search, which makes it very easy to manage and improve the server’s performance.

About SQL Server 2008 R2

This server was released in 2010 and has all the features of the regular 2008 version, but it has added features that make it much better than its predecessor. It has a Master Data Service, which is a server that manages many features such as all the different entities and hierarchies. It also features Power Pivot for Excel and Share Point and Report Builder 3.0.  It has many more visual features and has a high level of support for a new system on the market.

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