Knowledge Vs. Information

Difference Between Knowledge And Information There are different kinds of things that are existent inside a human mind.…

Difference Between Knowledge And Information

There are different kinds of things that are existent inside a human mind. There are quite a few numbers of times when people learn things from the knowledge that they have gathered from some experiments. The mind achieves this information as knowledge, data, information, wisdom etc. However not like wisdom knowledge and information are awareness that people derive from what their brain have gathered in the past. Thus we can feel the need to know the difference between knowledge and information.

Information relates to data that has some relational connection. There is no compunction for the meaning that is connected to the data to be of any use. A program in a database can be accessed by a program. E.g- a payroll application can easily find out about the salary that is updated in an employee’s a/c by entering the name of the employee. It should also be known that there is no knowledge without information.

Knowledge is short and apt information that is useful. It is a process that can determine the nature of nature within any given information. It can be said that when one keeps a certain information in his/her memory, he/she has knowledge about it. As for example kids in school who learn the table of multiplication, know that 4 times 4 is 16 because they have the knowledge of the table. But they won’t be able to answer as fast when asked the answer of 1500 times 2000 as the table does not give the knowledge.  Thus we can see that analytical skill and ability and not just some previous knowledge.


1. Information is nothing but developed data while knowledge is useful information.

2. There is information without knowledge.

3. Information is concerned with the interrelation of data and knowledge is something that examines patterns within a set of information.


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