Koi Vs. Goldfish

Difference Between Koi And Goldfish Goldfish and Koi are more similarities than differences. To begin with, they are…

Difference Between Koi And Goldfish

Goldfish and Koi are more similarities than differences. To begin with, they are both members of the Cyprinidae or Carp family. Koi and goldfish when young is often confused with each other.


Koi can be categorized as a type of common carp. Goldfish are a type of Asian carp. The very first records of goldfish breeding come from China’s Jin Dynasty back in (265-420AD).


Koi are mostly bred for their designs, colors and the pattern of scales they have. A new variety of koi is still under development.

Goldfish were originally bred for yellow or orange in the ponds of the Chinese elite. There is a wide selection of fine and tail form the goldfish too.

Physical characteristics

Koi have been simplified in the carp. The best way to distinguish between immature koi and goldfish is to look for barbels. Barbels are small fish whiskers that work as sensory organs hanging with the koi’s mouth. Goldfish has no barbels. Koi grows about 24 cm in length, but some koi can even go up to 1 meter in length. These fishes are also persistent in nature. Their age can extend up to a 100 years in a proper pond that is well maintained. These fishes have a survival record of 226 years too.

Goldfish can be found in different shapes based on their breeding. Generally a goldfish has fins and a floating tail along with a slightly lumpy body. Some have cheeks too or a knot over their forehead.  Based on the size of the bowl wherein they are kept a goldfish can grow as big as 10 cm. Under optimal conditions, goldfish can live 20 years, but most rarely reach the age of 10 years.


1.Koi raised first in 1820 in Japan, while were bred in 300AD across china.

2.Koi bred for color and pattern, but the goldfish are bred for their body shape and color.

3.Koi are larger in size and live much longer than the goldfish.

4. Koi is a common kind of carp, but the colors and body shape draws a difference.


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