Kush Vs. Weed

Difference Between Kush And Weed Who says that gardening is only for those with an expert hand? It…

Difference Between Kush And Weed

Who says that gardening is only for those with an expert hand? It can be done by one and all. From the economic point of view planting vegetable crops are cost-effective way to save money. The place to buy in a shop or grocer, you can instead have a garden planted in your home.

Choice is one’s own. One can grow vegetables and crops. One can also plant medicinal herbs which are very effective in times of illness. You can also plant herbs like basil and rosemary which serve several purposes.

The medicinal plant which I speak is Kush, and the plants that seem useless are the weeds. While there are weeds that are useful, most create a tension in the head when it comes to planting.

Kush is a type of weed, most importantly, a cannabis weed. It came from East Asian countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and India. The name came from the Hindu Kush mountain range in India. It was sent to Britain and the United States on the implementation and use of cannabis as medicine. Medicinal cannabis is said to treat and prevent certain diseases. Examples include Alzheimer’s syndrome, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, various cancers, AIDS or HIV positive, brain cancer and multiple sclerosis. Cannabis is used in over 600 drugs, including appetite enhancer, analgesic, antiemetic and antispasmodic.

“Weed”, however, is a collective term for plants that are unwanted in your garden. These plants are undesirable because they have influence and compete with other plants in the form of sunlight, water and nutrients. Weeds tend to bring about low production plant. You can also expect an increase in the cost of planting these plants. Weeds also harm other plants because they are often infested with pests, locusts, insects and mites. Some common weeds include grasses and sedges. Weeds are everywhere; in all parts of the world it is easily accessible.


1. Kush is a type of weed and “weed” is a general term for a type of plant.

2. Kush came from Asia, but the weeds are everywhere.

3. Kush have therapeutic role, but most types of weeds not

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