Kwashiorkor vs. Marasmus

Difference Between Kwashiorkor and Marasmus Both kwashiorkor and marasmus are diseases that have come into existence because of…

Difference Between Kwashiorkor and Marasmus

Both kwashiorkor and marasmus are diseases that have come into existence because of inadequate nutrition and hunger. There is a subtle difference between the two conditions. Let us look at what they are:

A child who suffers from marasmus can be easily identified by his loose and dry skin. The child begins to loose fat from areas like buttocks and thighs. The child is usually irritable and has an unusually strong appetite.

A patient suffering from kwashiorkor may show signs of damaged absorption. The other symptoms can be edema or loss of muscular mass. Diarrhea , and vomiting are the other infections caused.


Marasmus is caused by severe malnutrition in general. It is usually found in very young children and very young children. Prevention mechanisms include breastfeeding.

Kwashiorkor is the result of a lack of protein in the diet. It is different from marasmus, a total lack of nutrients in the diet. This is an African term meaning “first second child.”


Marasmus typically affects young children. However, the effects of kwashiorkor are slightly limited to children who are not young.

Kwashiorkor is dominant in places where children will lack the protein because of routine habits. The food does not lack calories in case of marasmus. The disease is prominent in countries where people suffer from hunger. In general it can have its effect on anybody who is suffering from lack of proteins


Kwashiorkor can be treated by adding proteins in the food patients take, milk is generally used as a supplement. It’s including nutrients which at least 12% of calories coming from protein and 10% from fat

Marasmus is usually handled by adding B vitamins and nutrition in general by

  1.  Marasmus patients are suffering from flaking and alternating colors of skin. Kwashiorkor patients have burning skin and diarrhea.
  2.  Marasmus affects children due to lack of nutritional factors in the diet. Kwashiorkor affect kids who do not get enough protein in their diet.
  3.  Marasmus affects infants and very young children. Kwashiorkor affects kids who are a bit older.
  4.  Marasmus patients should be treated with doses of vitamin B and nutrition. Kwashiorkor patients treated by adding more protein in their diet.



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