Lady Gaga vs. Madonna

Difference Between Lady Gaga and Madonna One of the most favorite and well-known names in the world of…

Difference Between Lady Gaga and Madonna
One of the most favorite and well-known names in the world of Pop Music, Madonna and Lady Gaga have earned a reputation for themselves. These singers have belted a large number of wonderful songs which have merited them with a large fan-following list to their credit. Both these singers have managed to set the stage on fire through their famous and great songs. Although the appearances of these music artistes have come at different times yet they are made a name for them and have gained the love of their audience with their music.

Born in the middle of August in the year 1958, Madonna was the popular name of Madonna Louise Ciccone. During her school going period, she performed in plays and began taking active part in dance competitions while she was a teenager. It was during the early stages when she embarked in her career that she shifted to the East Village in the city of New York and worked in movies which did not pay much. A French artist who recognized her inherent vocal abilities took her to Paris as a singer.

Her first music album was released in 1983 of which three songs from this album went on to become super-hits. Her capability to top over the charts went on as two songs from her album released during 1984 hit the charts to the number one song and these successes sky-rocketed her to fame. Madonna was famous as a multi-faceted artist and was considered to be the topper as a dancer, actress and a talented singer in innumerable schemes. Soon after the release of her second album she began to move across the globe to render musical concerts where she was recognized as a gifted singer.

Lady Gaga was born towards the end of March during 1986 as Stefani-Joanne Angelina Germanotta. An American artist Lady Gaga was registered to the Tisch Arts School in the New York University. Lady Gaga rendered her first performances in the Lower East Side in New York City during 2003. She performed as a writer for various artists. However, her capability as a vocal artist was first commended by Akon. One of her first contracts was offered by Akon through his recording tag.

Her maiden musical album was released in the year 2008 and managed to reach the Number One in a large number of countries around the world including United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Ireland and Austria to name a few. She was also adjudged as one of the top ten singers across the globe. Besides, a number of her other singles and albums reached top positions in the world of music charts throughout the world.

Each one of these Pop singers has attained their heights of glory in their own individualistic ways. While Madonna ruled the roost for several years in the pop music industry, without a match against her performance and capabilities, yet with the appearance Lady Gaga on the musical stage, it appeared that ultimately there was someone to stand in competition against Madonna. It is a fact that Lady Gaga as an amateur is one of the top singers which the musical industry has ever witnessed with her fully developed singing voice which evolves her as a much more gifted star in comparison to Madonna even though Madonna has always been a talented person with her dexterity of songwriting, dancing and singing.

During the time, when Madonna made an entry into the music industry, it was not the time for fashion and conventional views. Yet Madonna left a massive impact on not only the industry, but also on the audience. On the other hand, Lady Gaga also impacted the music industry with fashion and her individual share of arguments, yet Madonna certainly emerged as the leader with her impressive influence that she managed to create. Although Madonna has not been considered to be the finest singer, still her career as a musical artist makes her one of the best.

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