Land Pollution vs. Water Pollution – The Difference Between

How Water Pollution and Land Pollution Differ From Each Other Nowadays, it is impossible not to be aware…

How Water Pollution and Land Pollution Differ From Each Other

Nowadays, it is impossible not to be aware of the growing pollution in our environment. One way or another, people are connected to it as this is affecting their habitats and negatively wreaking havoc on a slow pace. The three most involved human environments for pollution are water and land.

Sustenance of life depends greatly on water. All the bodies of water have tremendous roles to perform in a person’s life. Illegal and abusive human movements have brought its toll on this precious resource as well as on land. These in turn have returned hazardous effects on the well being of people as it knocks of nature off balance from the soil to the ocean.

What Situations Lead To Pollution

When it comes to pointing fingers, you can definitely point a few on, quite ironically, people’s effort to develop their living conditions into larger and more commercial cities. Factory wastes end up on the nearest body of water serving as a dumping site while most people decide to use it for the same purpose dumping plastic materials. Over the recent years, the use of soil fertilizers which are chemically potent has also degraded the quality of land. Oil spills may also cause a devastating effect on bodies of water most especially on oceans that disrupt the flow of air.

What Effects Will People Have To Face

Most research confirms that water and land pollution have grave influences on the ecological balance. For instance, artificial and heavily chemical-based fertilizers that have been utilized on grounds for a long duration will greatly contain it and can be washed to shores and eventually to bodies of water on heavy rains or landslides. Upon intake of the water, all of the life that depends on it from fish to humans will be poisoned and can lead to cancer. PCBs or polychlorinated biphenyls which are from petroleum products may also diminish its condition. This will lead to additional poisonous environments.

What You Can Do To Avoid The Consequences

If you are concerned with the consequences that might happen if people are not careful of their actions, then you can do your part by opting for safe home products that have less chemicals and avoid any oil spills from your car. Ensure that you are disposing your garbage properly. Follow your country’s laws that aim to eliminate this problem. International agreements have also been established and fortunately, they are continuing the cause to make them aware of these in various media.

How Is Each Similar And Different

These are both serious concerns that everybody must act upon. If people continue to let the condition of both land and water slip away, then the next generation will have to suffer it.

  • Go further and spread the word with your neighbors or in your city by conducting your own meeting or by supporting a group with the same cause.
  • Try to practice the three R’s which are to reduce, reuse and recycle.
  • Do not approve of your community’s industry in disposing waste on water or land.
  • Do the same in your house with regards to chemical waste production by opting for the eco-friendly choice.
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