Lane vs. Drive

Difference Between Lane and Drive Lane and drive are different types of passages but people get confused between…

Difference Between Lane and Drive

Lane and drive are different types of passages but people get confused between them at times.


Drive or driveway is little road that is made for vehicles to pass through the areas which are not well connected to the main road. Drive usually resides on private property and is mostly owned by the owner of the property. It is created for allowing the passage of the vehicles of the person who lays it. These drives are not developed by the government and are not included in maintenance service as the sweepings of the street and blowing snow.


Lane is a common word for a road on which vehicles traverse to cover large distances. Government owns these lanes and they are primary roads accessed by the public. In large cities, lanes are usually placed side by side to make an highway for serving large number of vehicles. In small towns, their main roads usually consist of only just a couple of lanes.

The difference between the lane and drive

The most obvious difference between a lane and drive is the possession. A lane is a government property and is open for public use, while the drives can only be used exclusively by the owners of private land on which they are placed. Some drives are beautified and designed in certain themes for enhancing the look of the property, while the lanes have only required markings necessary for  regulating traffic and maintaining safe distances between vehicles, especially those traveling in opposite ways. Some lanes especially those which are on highways have a way median between opposite lanes.

The common denotation given to these two terms may be acceptable in your area, but you should be careful of this in other places because they may use have different meaning of drive and lane


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