Latte vs. Mocha

Difference Between Latte and Mocha When it comes to taste, character and the attributes, there are pretty good…

Difference Between Latte and Mocha

When it comes to taste, character and the attributes, there are pretty good variances between the Latte and Mocha. The Latte and Mocha are the two varieties of coffee that have attained popularity to the maximum presently.

One of the most significant variations between the Latte and the Mocha is that while the Mocha utilizes a particular type of chocolate for getting that extra flavor, the Latte does not use any sort of chocolate as one of its ingredients.

In fact the terms used in context of Latte and Mocha are also at variance. The actual terms used are Café Latte and Café Mocha respectively. In fact, Café Mocha is to be partaken as coffee and chocolate while on the contrary, Café Latte is actually coffee and milk, which leads to the fact that milk forms the main ingredient in the preparation as against Café Mocha which uses chocolate.

Mocha preparations are normally seen to be having whipped cream on top of them and these whipped creams are of varied flavors and essences, one of the most favorite flavors being the chocolate flavor. However, it is contrary to notice thin milky foam top that is quite common on Latte preparations.

A point of interest worth observing is that Latte is the foundation blend of vanilla coming to delicious ice creams. To prepare Café Mocha, what you are required to do is to add chocolate. However, in contrast, when foams of milk are added, the base mix takes the form of Café Latte which is basically the only difference between Mocha and Latte.

There is no doubt about the fact that Latte and the Mocha are difficult to differentiate especially to those who do not have a love for coffee owing to the corresponding nature of the two kinds of coffee. Yet when a good judge tastes either the Café Latte or Café Mocha, he would immediately make out the difference between these two beverages.


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