LCD vs. TFT Technology

Difference Between LCD and TFT Technology The former technology of displaying through the LCD technology, the signals were…

Difference Between LCD and TFT Technology

The former technology of displaying through the LCD technology, the signals were transmitted to partitioned pixels became confused with the signals that passed on to the surrounding pixels that resulted in blurred images and other troubles. There was a reduction in this problem through the TFT technology since the crossed signals hardly affected the quality of the display. There was an enhancement of the image permitting the TFT & LCD technology to gain advantage over the simplified LCD technology.

The response time of the LCD technology was one of the other problems since the low response time permits producing fast and clear images that move more smoothly when the high response time creates blurs and lessens the quality of fast motion on the screens. For better viewing of objects in motion the response time for the TFT is reduced as compared to the LCD. The fluid can alter much more easily and makes the screen viewer-friendly to watch action movies and sports events without compromising with the quality of the images. The LCD display uses transistors for the production of the image while on the other hand, TFT is a system meant for producing an LCD. All LCD displays are currently using TFT technology for achieving better results.

The Liquid Crystal Display or well known as LCD in technological parlance is a technology utilized to exhibit electronic visuals on a flat and thin screen which makes use of light modulating properties of Liquid Crystal. This technology does not give out the light in a direct mode. There are vast uses of the LCD technology in a large array of applications like televisions, computer monitors and in the cockpit displays of aircrafts as well as in several other areas. There are many other devices where the LCD technology finds its use such as calculators, clocks, watches and video players, et al.

The LCD Technology ensures that there would not be any image burn-in since it does not use phosphors. An energy efficient technology, the LCD technology offers a safer disposal as compared to the age old CRT technology. It uses less electrical power that permits it to be used in equipments using battery for their working. This advanced technology of the LCD technology has rapidly taken over the CRT technology which is proven by the fact that the number of devices created using this technology are far greater in use in comparison with the products which were made through the help of the CRT technology. The LCD technology allows use of a number of pixels with liquid crystals that are in an array opposite a reflector meant for production of images that are either monochrome or colored.

The Thin Film Transistor technology or the TFT technology is another modification of the LCD or the Liquid Crystal Display technology that uses the Thin Film Transistor technology for the improvement of the quality of the image in comparison with the straightforward LCD technology. The work in right earnest on the TFT technology commenced during the 1960s through the 1980s though they were only put into application only during the year 2002 when the spiraling costs of the TFT technology came down to a low level thereby making it an ideal technology for use in application in diverse displaying piece of equipment.

The TFT technology uses continuous layer of liquid crystal with distinct layer of color filter glass for controlling the color when the electric current passes between the TFT glass and the color filter glass. The TFT technology is in no way apart from the LCD technology yet it is progressive adaptation of the LCD technology.

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