Leader vs. Boss

Difference Between Leader and Boss A Leader and a Boss are significant people who are on the top…

Difference Between Leader and Boss

A Leader and a Boss are significant people who are on the top of the work pyramid. Both the leader and the boss have their own distinct definitions although both these words are usually interchangeable. The followers always look up to both the boss and the leader for guidance and they are the ones who provide the followers with constructive ideas and suitable solutions.

A leader is a person who has an open mind to accept challenges, criticisms and ideas gracefully from his juniors. A leader does not hound his subordinates or juniors rather he encourages them to perform better. The leader on the basis of his character and ability commands the respect and lover from his juniors not only because of his level or seniority.

On the contrary, the Boss is only respected due to his seniority. He in turn badgers his juniors creating a fear psychosis amongst his subordinates. He does not show an open mind rather he bears a closed mind and adamantly refuses to accept any suggestions or ideas from his followers, which means that the command and authority that he extracts is created out of simply fear.

It is usually said that a leader has the ability to become a boss whereas a boss can hardly become a leader, even though both of them are put at the helm of affairs of a project or an organization. While both these gentlemen have an authority, the leader is always looked up by his juniors while the boss is always feared by his subordinates.

There is however a lot of variation between a leader and a boss. A leader is far more effective than a boss although both will bring out results, yet the workers would be much happier if they serve under a leader rather than a boss. The leader exudes a confidence and inspires his followers through encouragement, whereas the boss prods his followers and pushes them against the wall thereby creating fear. The leader has complete knowledge and guides his subordinates how a task is to be completed successfully and a boss only throws around orders to his juniors even though he has full knowledge of the task.

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